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Texas Christian University; Fort Worth, Texas.
B.S. in Computer Science 1982

DeVry Institute of Technology; Chicago, Illinois.
A.A.S., Electronics Engineering Technology 1967


Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform


2005-April to 2005-December

Monsanto (As a consultant for Technisource, Inc.)

Designed and created tables and queries in Microsoft Access and PL/SQL functions in Oracle to perform preprocessing of billing data from 3 different cellular telephone vendors, a remote access server (RAS), and voice conferencing bridge equipment. Provided production support by using these software components to load the data from these sources into a 3rd party vendor product (Pinnacle) written in Oracle PL/SQL. Designed and used tracking procedures to guarantee that all data gets loaded and loaded only once. Coordinated and directed the work of others in the research and revision of application data needed for reconcilation to application business rules.

2004-February to 2005-March

SBC (As a consultant for Cymbal Corporation)

Performed software maintenance changes for: client side application software written in Visual Basic .NET, and PowerBuilder. Server side software written in UNIX Korn Shell script, Windows NT Shell script, VB.NET, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 script. The applications were a billing system for operator assisted long distance telephone calls (VB.NET & MS SQL Server); an Operator Services statistical package backend DB (MS SQL Server); an Operator Services performance review and positive discipline recording DB (PowerBuilder & Oracle); and an ad hoc and scheduled distribution of E911 data (VB.NET with MS Access DB and a FTP interface to IBM mainframe). In Microsoft SQL Serve 2000, I performed: ad hoc queries and updates to fix flawed data; replicated databases for backup and testing purposes; identified, extracted, and setup test cases; created from scratch a script that moved old data from the main database to an archive database to resolve performance issues; made maintenance changes to stored procedures. The technical environment for: client side software was Windows 2000 Professional and Windows NT Workstation; server side software was Oracle Server version 9.2 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database servers; HP-UX Unix version 11; Windows 2000 Server; and Windows Server 2003 Network Operating Systems. Performed administration for databases and network as needed in support of 5 applications.

2003-May to Present

Subcontractor to Omnitec Corporation

Performed maintenance changes and custom reports on various Microsoft Access applications for small and medium sized businesses. Performed maintenance changes and trouble shooting service for small office networks and end user PCs.

2000-November to 2002-August

Monsanto (As a consultant for Sykes Enterprises, Inc.)

Environment: UNIX – Compaq True64, Oracle 8.1.6, T.O.A.D., Autosys, Acta, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft NT Server

Created and maintained Oracle PL/SQL as Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, and SQL*Plus scripts in support of a Data Repository application that extracted data from an SAP ERP System implemented in Oracle and made the data available for extraction by domestic and international Data Warehouses via Oracle DB-Link and Oracle Export.
Performed maintenance changes on Acta objects which is a 3rd party software product designed for the extraction of data from SAP pooled, clustered, or transparent tables.
Used Visual Basic for miscellaneous support programs such as archiving job logs and mass changes to Oracle SQL*Plus scripts. Created miscellaneous reporting functionality in MS-Access for reports on application metric data and error logs collected in Oracle tables. Created Automated Pager functionality using Oracle Jserver Option and e-mail.
Created and maintained UNIX Korn Shell scripts for batch execution of Oracle Stored Procedures, Oracle SQL*Plus scripts, and Autosys function calls.
Created and maintained Autosys JIL (Job Information Language) scripts for the automated execution of batch SQL*Plus scripts and Acta jobs.
Created SQL*Loader scripts for loading data from a variety of flat file formats into Oracle tables.
Exported data from many different tables using PAR files that I created, with Oracle Export utility.
Created and maintained Oracle snapshots on remote tables.
Used T.O.A.D. to do almost everything in Oracle and MS-Excel for project planning and control.

2000-January to 2000-May

Premcor -- formerly Clark Refining and Marketing (As a consultant for Kendall Placement Group)

Lead Programmer Analyst

Created a new Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) application using PowerBuilder 7, Oracle 8.0.5, Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, and MS-Access for Office 97. This application automated the process of reconciliation of Exchange Reports of petroleum product transactions between industry trading partners.

1999 July to 1999 December -- Subcontractor

Created validated data entry screens and reports for an application that is used in the financing of insurance premiums. The application was written in Visual Basic version 6. It calculated quotes applying the usury laws of different states; it collected policy detail information and detail information about the insured, insurance agencies, and insurance companies. It stored all this information in a Microsoft Access database using DAO & ADO record set objects.

1994 to 1999 Express Scripts, Inc Senior Programmer/Analyst

Responsible for new development and maintenance of application software and hardware on various client and server PCs and Midrange computers Stratus and HP-9000 using PowerBuilder, Pro*C, SQL, WordBASIC, and COBOL.

Maintained an application that encourages Pharmacy Benefit Management card holders to switch from brand name drugs to generic drug equivalents. This application was written in PowerBuilder; Oracle Pro*C, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL Stored Procedures; and Korn Shell UNIX Scripts. Its data is stored in Oracle SQL Server version 7.3.
Administered a FAX Server product (MCI) capable of sending 5,000 FAX messages per day. Wrote a WordBASIC macro that merged flat file data from any source into letters to be faxed via the MCI FAX Server.
Created a new application named Telephone Call Logging and Reporting System using PowerBuilder to construct the client executable and Oracle 7 as the database SQL server engine. Performed all user requirements gathering and wrote the User Specification for this project.
Performed maintenance programming in Stratus COBOL for two other telephone call contact management on-line applications.
Performed maintenance programming and production support for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that interfaced a telephone Private Branch Exchange (PBX) to a Stratus host mainframe. The IVR was a part of one of the telephone call contact management on-line applications.

1991 to 1994 Electronic Data Systems (formerly McDonnell Douglas Systems Integration)

Software Engineer

Responsible for maintenance of mainframe applications software and applying new information technology to business information problems as they are needed by clients.

Created from scratch a Graphical User Interface (GUI) client/server front end that integrated CICS applications executing on separate isolated mainframes. This software was written in Microsoft Visual Basic for Windows and executes on a LAN PC workstation. Connectivity to the mainframes was via LAN file and communication servers running under Novel Netware NOS and Novell Netware for SAA. 3270 terminal emulation was performed using Rumba and Rumba Tools for Visual Basic. Demonstration of front end upon initial customer delivery was performed using pcANYWHERE for windows remote access software and dial access telephone line. Customer testing mainframe connectivity was also provided using a Rumba Protocol Converter, a dedicated private line synchronous modem and eight telephone line dial access asynchronous modems. Designed and specified all the hardware, all the data communications connectivity, and all the software for this GUI client/server front-end. Also directed the work of others as Technical Leader of this project. Customer was EDS client account Bankers & Shippers Insurance of Burlington North Carolina.
Converted IMS-DL/I calls to DB2/SQL calls in mainframe CICS and batch COBOL programs using microfocus COBOL workbench running under OS/2 and IBM LAN Manager NOS. This is one of the mainframe applications accessed by the front-end described above. Added form letter functionality to front-end described above by creating additional Visual Basic program code to retrieve mainframe data and pass it to Microsoft Word for Windows word processing program and update mainframe application with form letter specific variable data by passing user entered dialog box data back to the mainframe.
Performed PL/I software maintenance on a sequential file processing system for an application that performs DP function of product fulfillment for magazine subscriptions and book clubs. Processes maintained were customer billing and market research special offer form letters to select target customer groups. Customer was EDS client account Neodata/Meredith Publishing.
Established configuration management processes for two EDS Insurance applications which included resolving conflicts in JCL, CICS Maps, COBOL source code, and COBOL executable load modules.
Performed presales research in response to customer questions for the proposed sale of an EDS Insurance product. The solution proposed involved a PC front end that integrates by means of 3270 terminal emulation, two applications executing on different isolated mainframes via a Local Area Network (LAN).
Performed maintenance programming in OS/VS COBOL on an IMS/DB application for EDS Communications customer, Bell of Canada.
Performed testing of IMS/DB programs and job streams for an integrated welfare management and eligibility system (Kentucky Automated Management and Eligibility System) for the state of Kentucky using JCL, File-Aid, Data-XPERT, IMS-XPERT, XPEDITER, and Telon.
Provided system support including several major enhancements to an EDS-RSC in-house accounting application that performed all customer invoicing, tracked third party consultant hours for vendor billing, and provided human resource management information. This application was written in Clipper database programming language for the PC.
Performed initial program creation from client specifications of software for a new financial application at the national offices of Edward D. Jones & Company. The technical environment was IBM OS/MVS/ESA, IDMS, COBOL II, and XPEDITER.
Performed software maintenance on a savings plan application for McDonnell Douglas World Headquarters. Made changes to a conversational on-line program. Wrote a batch program for a one-time execution to update savings plan data. The technical environment was IBM OS/MVS/XA, IMS DB/DC, COBOL, DB2, and XPEDITER.

1990 to 1991 Independent Software Development

Self-Employed Software Developer

As an independent software developer, consulted with the owner of an aviation Fixed Base Operation (FBO) that performed fueling operations for a major airline and fueling and general ground service operations for corporate jet operators on the design and development of a preventative maintenance software package for aviation ground support equipment.
Performed maintenance software changes to an accounting application written in Clipper for Environmental Protection Agency prime contractor for emergency response. The technical environment was IBM/AT/386, Clipper, and R&R Report Writer.

1988 to 1990 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company


As a programmer/analyst for a Regional Bell Operating Company, (RBOC) performed software maintenance on both on-line and batch programs for a human resource management application. Responsibilities for this application included source code changes to:

COBOL programs, DBDs, PSBs, MFSs, execution JCL, and cataloged procedures. Also provided 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, data center support. The technical environment for this application was IBM OS/MVS/XA, COBOL, IMS DB/DC, XPEDITER, and Recoder.
In support of a payroll application, developed a three dimensional electronic spread sheet for cross verification of control reports. The technical environment for this application was IBM VM/CMS, PROFS, and ESS.

 1984 to 1988 Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

Lead Programmer

As a lead programmer, participated in hardware vendor selection then designed and coded software for an on-line Operational Support System for a Special Services Center of a Regional Bell Operating Company. This system collected the data and tracked the status of customer reports on private line voice and data telephone service.

This system included:

an interface to an IMS mainframe application that emulated IBM 3270 Binary Synchronous Control (BSC/BiSynch) protocol;
a fail safe document distribution feature that used Hayes modem control language and asynchronous data communication techniques;
and a remote access feature to users of DEC VT-100 compatible terminals.
The technical environment for this application was Wang, COBOL, IBM 3270 BSC, IBM/PC/XT, and DEC VT-100.

1966 to 1984 Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.

General Dynamics Corporation

Honeywell, Incorporated, EDP Division

Electronic Technician

Tested and repaired hardware failures in various kinds of electronic and electromechanical equipment.





Hewlett Packard; Stratus; IBM mainframes: 30XX/4381/ES9200; CDC Cyber-170; Wang; IBM and Compatible PCs Pentium/486/386/286/8086; Microcomputers based on CPU chips: Intel 8080, 8086/8088, Zilog Z-80, Motorola M6800; Honeywell-200


IBM COBOL/COBOL II, JCL, PL/I, CLIST; PowerBuilder; Oracle SQL and Oracle Pro*C; Korn Shell UNIX Scripts; Visual Basic; Wang COBOL and Procedure Language; Stratus COBOL and Command Macro Language; dBASE and Clipper


IMS/DL1 DB/DC, DB2, IDMS, Oracle 7, Sybase SQL Anywhere, dBASE

Operating Systems

Hewlett Packard: HP-UX

Stratus: VOS


Wang: VS (Virtual System)

Novell: Netware 3.11 LAN Network Operating System

IBM: LAN Manager Network Operating System

IBM & Compatible PCs: MS-DOS, MS-Windows 3.1, Windows 95, OS/2

CP/M (Control Program for Microcomputers) predecessor to MS-DOS

Control Data Corporation: Cyber Network Operating System

Honeywell-200: Vendor Proprietary

Data Communications Protocols and Hardware

Asynchronous, SDLC, SNA/SAA, BSC/BiSynch, ISO/OSI, TCP/IP, DEC VT-100 Terminal Emulation, IBM-3174 Station Cluster Controller, Rumba Protocol Converter, Halcyon Datalink Monitor (DataScope), Ethernet and Token Ring LAN Topologies

Software Development Tools

TSO/ISPF/PDF, VSAM/IDCAMS, MFS & BTS, CICS, Xpediter, IMS-Xpert, DATA-Xpert, Abend-AID, File-AID, Recoder, Panvalet, CA-Librarian, Microfocus COBOL Workbench, DataScope (for PCs)

Other Software

PROFS, dBASEII/III+/IV, Clipper, R&R Report Writer, Rumba 3270 Emulation and Rumba Tools for Visual Basic, C, Pascal, Lotus 123/ESS, pcANYWHERE, Wygant (IVR) ArchiTalk, FTP (File Transfer Program on TCP/IP Telnet), Microsoft Word for Windows Macro Command Language, CoSession